Why Lease?

Is Leasing An Ice Machine A Good Option For You?

Free Service & Maintenance

Included in your lease is regularly scheduled maintenance (with the exception of replacement water filters). It is our responsibility to keep your machine running at optimal performance. If for any reason your Ice Machine is not producing as needed, we will diagnose and repair at no cost to you.

Low Upfront Cost

Our lease program reduces your upfront costs versus purchasing an Ice Machine. You pay a much lower installation rate as a priority customer, with an affordable monthly cost that includes maintenance and repairs

Priority Service

We know that having an Ice Machine down can be costly. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that as a lease customer you are our priority.

Small Initial Investment

While you still need to come up with some cash for a deposit and set up fees, it’s still significantly less than a large equipment purchase or the costs of securing a bank loan.

Improve Business Cash Flow

By not paying a large sum of money up front for your equipment, you can keep more cash in-house to reallocate towards other areas of the business.

Better Financing Options

Don’t need a lengthy (or strong) financial history to get a lease.

Potential Tax Breaks

Lease payments on business equipment can usually be used as a deductible business expense.

Call 714.230.3914 for more information today!


Call 714.230.3914 for more information today!

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